Nicole (NY) says, “Keepsakes by Faith’s products and services are in a class by them self. They depict quality, creativity and originality!”  

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  1. I purchased Keepsakes By Faith’s “messages in a tin” and fell in love with them. I immediately began utilizing the inspirational cards in my classes when I teach college students at a few NJ colleges, and in my parenting workshops that I faciliate in school districts in NJ.
    They are easy to incorporate into my lesson plans and so small I can throw them in my purse. I have had to almost fight to get them back from students asking me where I got the from, and of course I give them Faith’s website to purchase them for themselves. Great product!!

    • Thanks Kumari – These are two new ways that I have heard that they are being used. That’s awesome.

  2. I absolutely love the Ponder This notes! During times of stress and chaos, they provide inspiration and balance. They are splendid – thank you!

    • Thanks so much Serene! I am going to let you in on a secret. I used them also for this very reason. The strange thing is that the one that I pick is always the one that I need at the time!

  3. Your cards are a true beauty and inspiration. How peaceful and beautiful they are much like a Thomas Kinkade portrait. You and your cards truly give me inspiration, and anyone who receives them.

  4. I LOVE these cards. They are my go to expressions anytime I need to convey a message for a special occasion.
    The art work is stunning,and speaks to who I am and what I want to impart to others. They are beautiful.

  5. KBF’s product are in a class by themselves. Unique, Exemplary craftmanship and truly a keepsake.

  6. “Nothing stops the woman who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop her achievement muscle. It’s a strengthening of her powers of accomplishment.To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Keep up the Uniqueness…being you is beautiful!

  7. Much different from the other one, have a more diverse product line – like it a lot!

  8. Like the colors and the product line is awesome!

  9. Really like the new web site. Way to go!

  10. You have just out done yourself! The cards and boxes were beautiful! They always placed joy in the heart of the receiver. Thank you!
    Rev. Brahma

  11. I love your cards because they are so unique and inspirational. When I send them, my clients really notice. Some have called to say how beautiful they are and that they’re leaving them out. Some have become customers of yours as a result. I’m a big card sender. I like that your cards are so memorable because I become memorable by association.
    Helen Hogan, Sunset Financial Services, Red Bank

  12. Of all the wonderful gifts I received for my birthday the Keepsakes Memory Book was indeed the most gratifying and special. It was a humbling, inspiring and humorous experience reading sentiments from people who spanned the breadth of my life and were an integral part of it. It offered me an opportunity to reminisce about good times, special events and shared experiences with friends and relatives. This book is a true keepsake that I will re-read and enjoy over and over and will pass on to future generations.

  13. I was happy and pleased that I chose the Keepsake Memory Book as a gift for my friend’s special birthday. It’s really a wonderful gift for a friend or a special person because it cannot be duplicated; it allows you to include others in the preparation and contents and it is a way to show someone how much they are loved and appreciated. It’s a perfect and unforgettable gift!

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