Creating Your Life’s Vision

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Creating a Vision for Your Life

Interview with Mia Toschi on EBRU Today on 1/31/13

Twice the Faith

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Two women partner to market each other’s inspiring creations

FRANKLIN — Living through today’s increasingly trying times, many people seem to think you cannot have enough faith.

This idea rings true for two creative women named Faith who have partnered on a line of inspirational greeting cards, artwork and framed original poems that aim to be unique for every occasion, including the upcoming winter holiday season.[/learn_more]


Holiday Glee or Blues (PART 2 of 4)

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Another way to beat the Holiday Blues is to step outside of ourselves. What do I mean? For many years, my kids and I would have Thanksgiving dinner at a facility that provides services to persons with disabilities, many of whom were estranged from their families. It was a very humbling experience because we met so many wonderful people, many of who had little, but who were grateful for what they had and were willing to share it.

In addition, I really feel that my kids also learned a lot from the experience. As adults, I have heard them speak about these experiences and the impact they have had on their lives.  Goes to show – sometimes parents knows best J.  Honestly, there were many times when they did not want to go but (in my opinion) there are some things for which there is no negotiating.

Other ideas:

  • Go to your local soup kitchen and volunteer
  • Do something for someone who least expected it
  • Invite someone who may not have somewhere to go this Thanksgiving to have dinner with you.

Ponder This!  It is the little things that make life BIG!

Until next time!



Holiday Glee or Blues (PART 1 of 4)

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WOW! In a couple of days it will be November and you know what that means – the Holidays are around the corner.  In fact, if you go to the mall some stores have Holiday decorations and gifts already on display.  For many people, this is a very exciting time of the year but for others, it’s not. The Holidays conjure up many unpleasant memories and feelings.

A dear friend of mine told me recently that this time of year use to be her favorite because her family, near and far,  would come together to celebrate at her Mom’s home. Her mother, who was the matriarch of their family, passed almost two years ago and since then, things have not been the same.  In fact, she dreads the Holidays because she gets so depressed. Her family no longer gets together, everyone does their own thing.

memory book - keepsakes by faithFor my friend and others who may be in a similar situation, I suggest that you create a Memory Book! Ask each person in your family, ‘matured’ and young, and friends to write down their favorite memory of the person and send it to you by a certain date.  Compile all of these memoirs in a binder or a scrapbook. Include pictures and other memorabilia that represents your loved one’s life.   Even better, make a Memory Book for each member of the family.  This could be the most invaluable Holiday gift that you ever gave because

  • it celebrates  your loved ones life in a positive way
  • you and others may learn so much about your loved one that you did not know and
  • maybe the beginning of the healing process for your family.

This may be overwhelming for some people, so this is where Keepsakes by Faith can help. Send us your memoirs, photos, etc. and we will create your customized Memory Book for you. To see a sample of a Memory Book, go to the following link

Ponder This!

How do you feel about the Holidays? Please share your favorite memory.


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To accomplish great things - Anatole France - Natures Gift card - Keepsakes By FaithWho Would Have Known That…

when Keepsakes by Faith started 4 years ago that we would have evolved to this point? I remember saying that we will only make handmade greeting cards. However, to accomplish great things we had to re-evaluate who we were and what we wanted to achieve. We also took action. We used various approaches and evaluation processes to figure who/what we wanted to be when we grew up. This took time but we had a dream. We made plans -  some of which were successful and others that were not.  However, everything did not begin to come together until we started to also BELIEVE. That was the missing link!

The lesson I learned through this whole process is that it is important to take action, dream, plan  but until we start to believe in ourselves and realize the greatness that lays within us, we will only be taking small baby steps towards reaching our full potential and living our life’s purpose.

Until next time, PONDER THIS!

“Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.” ~ Charles F. Kettering

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